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Comic Con Means More Campaigning for 'Prometheus'

Comic Con is a geek haven for folks who enjoy movies, comics, and cosplay.  Every year in July San Diego, CA teems with nerds and the young at heart alike, dripping in self made X-Men or The Fifth Element costumes and listening to discussion panels from actors and creators of their favorite sci fi/fantasy tv series or movie casts.  It's paradise.

And this year the viral marketing campaign for Prometheus is taking advantage of this annual flocking to continue their campaign of...well we really don't know what they're doing exactly.  This little surprise helmed by Fox, has started a small brush fire rumor that the Project Prometheus website has a "Careers" section complete with video.  Towards the end of the teaser is a shot of the ship Prometheus herself and a date of "July 2012", the month Comic Con is said to begin.

Considering the tiny blip of dreamworthy goodness we were given at the end credits of Ridley Scott's newest sci fi release, this tantilizing bit of bait is genius!  This is the summer blockbuster that EVERYONE is talking about and no one really knows the absolute truth behind.  All of this cloak and dagger work is quite intriguing.

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