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Klingons Beam Up for 'Star Trek' Sequel?

We've seen Klingons in all shapes and sizes across Star Trek movies and TV shows, including Christopher Lloyd (above) in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.  These villains, even the good one, Worf are vile, disgusting and tough adversaries, plus Captain Kirk hates 'em.  So you can understand why fans who tuned into the 2012 MTV Movie Awards got all hot and bothered when TrekMovie reportedly saw an image of a Klingon (below) in the background of Star Trek reboot director  J.J. Abrams during Sunday's show and shared it.  

While this doesn't look like the traditional Klingon in Star Trek format, namely the metal faceplate armor, according to HitFix this image is the real deal, a Klingon.  Abrams wouldn't say whether these warriors would appear in the sequel, though movie reps have since confirmed it.  The image was also intentionally placed.  C'mon the forehead ridges are unmistakable, right!?

Here's hoping we won't have to rely on a deleted scene from Abrams 2009 Star Trek being our sole source of Klingons in this new go around.  They will officially appear in Star Trek 2, but to what extent is still an unknown.  Dude, Khan and Klingons in the same film would be every hardcore Trekkies dream scenario, myself included.  

Trek and Prometheus screenwriter Damon Lindelof spoke with Collider and TrekMovie about the film.  The important quote regarding Star Fleet's next nemesis, rumored to be Khan in the sequel played by Benedict Cumberbatch.  

"Benedict Cumberbatch, I can already say with a certain degree of confidence that he is gonna give an iconic film performance and one of the best sci-fi performances that I’ve ever seen. And not even having seen the movie yet, just sitting there in video village with the headphones on. So I’m really psyched," Lindelof said.

So Cumberbatch is going to kill it as the villain. Klingons will join the chaos, and the Enterprise crew returns intact?  This should be a rad sequel...

Are you excited to see Klingons?

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