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Fearless Forecast: 'Spider-Man' Melts Down 'Ice Age'

Is this the weekend that audiences would want to revisit the Ice Age?  We already had three films prior to this film, which were met with mixed reviews from critics.  The first film in the series, which debuted ten years ago, was the best film.  After two lackluster sequels, Ice Age: Continental Drift finds its way into theaters.  I ask, “why?”  Then I realize, it’s for the money.  As long as there are children, studios will have to develop sappy storylines with cute animals voiced by Hollywood talent.  But my guess is that Ice Age is going to melt due to Spider-Man’s hotness.

The Amazing Spider-Man is earning good reviews and is loved by filmgoers everywhere; at least that’s what the marketing for the film is saying.  The film earned a ‘four abiding dudes’ rating from Ben Pittard in his first review from us.  Last week it made $62 million over the weekend and has earned $400 million worldwide.  The film will drop about 30% from last week and earn about $43.4 million. 


Ice Age is a film that kids will love.  It has 3D, animals, and bright colors and for the adults it has -.  nothing really.  Critics are split with their decisions giving the film a 50% on RT, at the time of this writing.  The last film, Ice Age 3 debuted at number 2 because of the hype of another blockbuster, Transformers 2, which was in its second week of release.  I do see this film making a substantial amount of money with a decent debut at $40.9 million.


Ted has been making a few audiences howl with laughter and for others like myself, not so much.  This probably going to be met with a sequel and probably merchandise; who would want a Ted teddy bear that curses when you push his stomach.  I smell an endorsement deal with Build-A-Bear.  That was farfetched.  Ted will earn $16.2 million. 


Brave and Savages will round out the top five with $11.7 and $8 million respectively.  I heard mixed things about both films but they will manage to cling on to the top five before dipping into the abyss when The Dark Knight Rises releases next Friday.  Oh, God, I am so excited. 


The First Five           


  1. The Amazing Spider-Man $43.4 M
  2. Ice Age: Continental Drift $40.9 M
  3. Ted $$16.2 M
  4. Brave $11.7 M
  5. Savages $8 M


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