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Marvel Announces ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ as Sequel Title

Comic Con is in full bloom and with that we are treated to non-stop nerd news.  One of today’s announcements was that the Captain America sequel has an official title, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  To those in the know, that title suggests a character resurrection for the sequel, but no word yet on any casting besides Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson returning.  While writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus were brought back to write the sequel, Marvel opted to replace director Joe Johnston with the brothers Russo (Joe and Anthony).     

“The Winter Soldier” is the identity taken on by Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan in the first movie) after he's brought back from the dead.  When last seen, Bucky seemed to have met an untimely demise in Captain America: The First Avenger, but in the world of comics no character is ever truly dead.   Even though the release date is slated for April 2014, you can be sure that Marvel will continue to stoke fan interest with carefully scheduled news releases.

This title will most likely result in massive googling and trips to the comic shops for everyone who wishes to engage in spirited geek-like conversations on what baddies might also be in the upcoming film.  It will be much more fun than talking about depressing news such as the economy or who you plan to vote for next November.

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