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Full Trailer for 'The Master' Has Me Saying Only One Word...Wow!

The Weinstein Company has now officially released the first full trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s, The Master.  As GTBP’s unofficial cheerleader/man on the street reporter for all things Master related; I would like to offer up this simple yet elegant response to the what I’ve seen and what you are about to witness… “Holy s*** dude, this looks so awesome”!  You may be thinking that I am just a fanboy run amok with excitement.  I can’t deny that, but honestly, this may end up being even better than There Will Be Blood.

I love the sort of mental and physical brutality that Anderson brings to his movies.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think we can put him at the head of the class when it comes to filmmakers in Hollywood.  And the intensity found in the trailer, wow, for a movie that on paper looks to be a little tedious given the subject matter, again I think we can all safely assume that will not be the case.

 What else do I love about what I’ve seen?  Well, I love every bit of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s dialogue.  He has that calm yet controlling demeanor.  I love that we get to see more of Amy Adam’s character (she will be playing the wife of Hoffman’s Lancaster Dodd), and I love what we see with the scenes in the prison.  This movie has a very heavy Stanley Kubrick vibe and if anyone is going to take on the legacy he left behind, P.T is the man for the job. 

Well, that’s my super amped up fanboy opinion.  This is the movie of the fall for me.   The Master looks to convert us all into believers on Oct 12th.

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