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Ooh! Navy SEALs! Emile Hirsch Enlists for 'Lone Survivor'

The final member of the team for Peter Berg's Navy SEAL drama, Lone Survivor, has been announced. Emile Hirsch will play the role of Danny Dietz according to reports from The Playlist.  The film is based on the true story of the actual "Operation Red Wings" during the war in Afghanistan.  "Red Wings" was a mission in the summer of 2005 to neutralize Taliban leader Ahmad Shah during which only one member the four-man Navy SEAL team survived.  You might have guessed this from the title.

All joking aside, Peter Berg (Collateral, Friday Night Lights) has shown us that he can create both really taught, well-paced thrillers and universally relatable stories focused on traditionally very masculine subject matter.  It’s still really early but there’s hope that this could surprise everyone and be a military movie with that magical combination of guts, heart and brains.

Hirsch (Into the Wild, Alpha Dog) will join a squad that already includes Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, Friday Night Lights) Ben Foster (The Mechanic, Pandorum) as well as Mark Wahlberg for the four members of the fateful SEAL team.  Wahlberg will play the role of the eponymous lone survivor, Marcus Luttrell.

There's no word yet on a release date but the film is still currently in pre-production, so it could be a year or two before this project hits the silver screen.

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