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Keep Your Eyes To The Airwaves For An 'Avengers' TV Series

Watch out "Must-see Thursday"

Joss Whedon's The Avengers is currently the top earning film of this summer, not to mention being a cultural tidal wave of comic book awareness for Marvel.  In the past, Marvel has also seen success with their television series based on the not-so-jolly green giant, The Incredible Hulk.  So with all that considered, it makes perfect sense to develop a television series based on the wildly successful summer blockbuster, right?  ABC seems to think so.

As reported by Deadline, the project would strive to flesh out the mythology of the wildly successful  Avengers, but will only be lightly connected to the film.  Sadly, you won't be seeing Iron Man or Captain America on your television set, though the series is planned to feature similar themes and feel of the superhero movie.  

The project is being defined as "a kernel of an idea" as of right now with numerous scenarios being tossed around, one of which is to write the show as a high-concept cop show.  This opens the series up to the multitude of S.H.I.E.L.D. story lines or perhaps as a vehicle for the lesser known Marvel heroes.  You know I'm pulling for the latter.

You might not be seeing the rest of the gang, but Guillermo del Toro's Hulk television series is still moving down the assembly line.  Considering the success of super-powered TV shows like Smallville and Heroes, the news that the show will not directly focus on the famous team of super-powered individuals comes as somewhat of a shock.  At this time there is no word on who will be writing or starring in the potential series, though a prime time spot for Marvel could encourage them to make even more movies per year.  What are we up to, five in the next two years?

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