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'The Shining' Prequel in the Works?

Those who follow book news closely have no doubt heard that Stephen King is writing a sequel to his classic horror novel The Shining, which follows a grown up Danny Torrance.  Behind the Hollywood doors, however, people are talking about making a prequel to the classic adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson.  Between the crowds of King detractors and Kubrick fanatics, I'm not sure which addition is going to be more controversial.

That's not to say that the prequel is a surefire deal, though.  According to the LA times, a Warner Brothers representative said that the film was still in early talks, and isn't even formally in development yet.  The film would follow the haunted Overlook Hotel before the arrival of Jack Torrance and his family, telling of the resorts dark history.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about this.  Anyone who has seen the original film knows that there's a lot of back story hinted at in the film but never fully unpacked.  Definitely a ton of room for some good writers to tell a good story.  On the other hand, what it didn't fully explain was part of what made the original so good. 

Horror films work best when they don't show you everything.  I'm pretty sure that whatever back story I was able to dream during the first film is more effective then whatever the filmmakers can come up with.  If this film happens, it really runs the risk of hurting the original film.  For a perfect example of this, see the 2011 version of The Thing.

Reader Comments (1)

Aaaaactually NO, they don't neccessarily HURT the original as case in point no one hardly even SAW the '11 prequel of "The Thing". (And the '82 'Thing' didn't do that well originally either for that matter.) The remake of 'Red Dragon' or 'Hanibal Rising' or the 'Psycho' prequel or "The Excorcist' prequel, the 'Texas Chainsaw massacre' - you name it. If they don't stand on their own, they will be forgotten - period. It's THEIR money, let 'em make it. It only costs YOU 8 or 10 bucks to see it - IF you see it. It's all about how memorable it is on it's own.

Monday, July 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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