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Hendrix Biopic Ironically Will Feature No Hendrix Songs

A Candid Look At André 3000 as Jimmy Hendrix

Producing films about a celebrities life can always be a tricky thing.  At the most base level, you're tasked with summarizing a person's life and compacting it into a 90-minute morsel of motion picture.  The subject of the film, whether alive or deceased, has a family that wants nothing more than to maintain their loved one's legacy.  In that vein, Experience Hendrix LLC, headed by his sister Janie Hendrix, has recently denied the film makers of the biopic, entitled All Is By My Side, access to Jimmy Hendrix's song library unless they have full participation in the production.

In the John Ridley directed adaptation of the legendary artist's life former musician André "3000" Benjamin will star as the guitarist himself.  Despite this unfortunate setback from the Hendrix Estate, producer Sean McKittrick has stated that they never really intended to use Hendrix's original songs.  Like any other budding musician, Hendrix undoubtedly started off playing covers.  The soundtrack, which sounds like it could be best-seller on it's own, will instead feature songs from The Beatles, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, and Curtis Knight.

Personally, I'm really pulling for Benjamin to get a success with this.  Not having the raw artistic spirit that Hendrix put into his music to fuel his performance may be tough, but I think he has promise.  I mean, he did go from tugging our heartstrings as a crow in Charlotte's Web to tickling our funny bones in Semi-Pro.  That's range, my friends, range.  And don't even get me started on his album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

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