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John Leguizamo Scores An Impressive Pair of Roles

You won't see John Leguizamo in a top-billing, starring position too often.  Regardless, his career is peppered with numerous supporting roles that almost always steal the scene.  Being the lead can limit an actor to one or two projects, but smaller roles allow an actor to take on more commitments.  So by not being the constant leading man, Leguizamo has landed himself two stellar roles, one of which in Ridley Scott's The Counselor and the other in the superhero sequel Kick Ass 2.

The Counselor is based on an original screenplay by Cormac McCarthy, author of "The Road" and "No Country For Old Men" novels, and will follow a lawyer (played by Michael Fassbender) who decides to venture into the Mexican drug trade and finds himself far deeper than he wanted.  Leguizamo will play a "low-level drug dealer" who will no doubt cross paths with the lawyer or even stir some trouble.  Also a part of the all-star cast is Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, and Javier Bardem.  Sufficed to say, this film is going to be a powerful force.

And speaking of powerful forces and Javiers, Lequizamo will also be appearing in Kick Ass 2, where he will be playing a character named Javier, the lead bodyguard for Christopher Mintz-Plasse's Red Mist.  The Jeff Wadlow written/directed film is a long-awaited sequel to the successful comic book adaptation and will also see the return of stars Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz, and Nicolas Cage.  Production on the project is set to begin in September, as recently reported by Mintz-Plasse.  Honestly, this movie can't come soon enough.

With a veritable one-two punch on his hands, not to mention the recent release of Ice Age: Continental DriftLeguizamo is set for a whirlwind year with a duo of knock out films.  Personally, I'm pleased as perky punch to be seeing John Leguizamo appearing in more films.  He's a fantastic comedic actor with a talent for dramatics as well.   That said, I also have a not so secret love affair with both Ridley Scott films and comic books.

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