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First Look At Russell Crowe in 'Noah'...Looks Like He Needs A Shower

There are some releases that have scales that reach Biblical proportions.  Blockbusters that explode with vibrant energy and general pizzazz grace our screens pretty much every month.  But some projects take some Biblical proportions to heart.  Some time ago it was announced that Darren Aronofsky would be directing a film based on the story of Noah from the Bible, with Russell Crowe as the title character.  Today the first still of Crowe in character was released, showing off a very gritty role for the Aussie actor.  Read on to see what we can expect from the Leviathan film that is Noah.

Sadly, or luckily depending on how you feel, the character design does not borrow heavily from the commonly accepted depiction of Noah.  There's no long white beard, canvas robe, or decorative walking sticks, instead Aronofsky is holding true to his ability to break the mold as well as break the box-office.  Already the film has lined up such stars as Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, and Ray Winstone who will all play a important parts in the genesis of the epic story.  See what I did there?

Shooting is currently underway in Iceland, as the Black Swan director updates his twitter with sneak peeks of puffins and casting confirmations.  There is still plenty of time before the film is set for release on March 28th, 2014, so there are no worries that the film will wind up being a rush job.  It's a humongous undertaking for Aronofsky, but with the material we've been seeing thus far, this epic will certainly live up to it's name.  Honestly I was worried it would get stuck in development hell and be in production for as long as Noah lived.  That's 950 years, I'll have you know.  

He's a bit younger than that in this still, but direct your attention to the first look we're getting of Russell Crowe as the well-known Biblical character Noah:


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