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JCVD to Double Freshness, Fun with 'Double Impact' Sequel

Do you feel that The Expendables 2 just isn’t going to provide enough JCVD to satisfy your needs?  Don’t worry, because Jean-Claude Van Damme is preparing to double up with a sequel to the ’90s action classic Double Impact, according to reports from NextMovie.  They have word from Van Damme’s own mouth that he has completed the script to the sequel in collaboration with his longtime partner, writer and director of Double Impact, Sheldon Lettich

Lettich has written many of Van Damme’s films including Bloodsport and Lionheart so if things go according to plan, it should look and feel just like vintage Van Damme.  I for one am a staunch supporter of the second renaissance of the Muscles from Brussels, mullet or no and would love nothing more than to see an aging JCVD playing twins of himself again. 

The sequel would be set in Los Angeles and again focus on twin brothers Alex and Chad.  Reports say that Alex runs into trouble with the Chinese mafia due to some shenanigans on the part of his wily brother Chad taking out some bad loans in his name down in Hong Kong.  But Chad has problems of his own with his pregnant girlfriend being the sister of a major criminal player in South Central. Cue a high-kicking adventure of mistaken identities.

Right now this thing is barely a twinkle in a producer’s eye but here’s hoping that Van Damme can bring this project to fruition, because I have no doubt it’d be nothing else if not a really fun time.

Reader Comments (1)

ohhh helll yes !!!!!!

this is the best news of the year, Double impact is suuuuch a classic :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMike

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