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Weekend Box-Office Results: 'Bourne' Takes Down The Bat & Politicians All With A Book

It was a surprising weekend this time around.  We had The Bourne Legacy releasing to some good numbers and The Campaign was receiving positive reviews and also opened strong.  Both films managed to overturn the king that is Batman.  What was most surprising is that The Dark Knight Rises placed third and that Hope Springs managed to place in the ‘First Five’.  My money would have put it at six or seven.

Like I said before, The Bourne Legacy placed first this weekend with a respectable $40.2 million.  With this kind of number for Renner, it looks as though is going to be that action guy.  Renner is not really known to be an action guy, though he had a small action-y type role in Ghost Protocol, which was a passing of the torch for the M:I series, if you will.  I haven’t seen this one yet but I hear it’s okay.  Is he that actor who I would want to see in an action film?  Tell me in the comments below. 


The Campaign managed to squeeze right in into number 2 with $27 million.  That is pretty impressive.  But for Warner Bros. it is another hand in the box-office pot.  The last film that Will Ferrell starred in, another R-rated comedy flick, tanked at the box-office earlier this year.  That film was Casa de mi Padre and that opened to mediocre reviews and a $2.2 million opening.  It looks as though people do want to see Ron Burgundy and Alan make a movie together, even if it has heavy political overtones. 


The Dark Knight Rises has done just that but boy, did it fall.  The film had a lot riding on it since the last film in the series was quite possibly the greatest comic book film of this generation, anything couldn’t come close to it, especially Heath Ledger’s jaw-dropping performance.  Every time I watch the film, I always get goosebumps when Ledger licks his cheek wounds because I know at that moment, he’s making The Joker his own.  Brilliant. 


Really?  Hope Springs managed to make it to number 4 with $15.6 million.  Really?  This looks like the type of film an older couple would rent and watch on a cold, rainy night, under a snuggy, eating Cherry Garcia ice cream from the pint.  Vivid, I know but that’s what I picture when I see Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep in a romance flick and not a film that has to with fugitives, nuns, aliens, politics, cooking, cheerleading, fashion or any of the film that they have done in recent memory.  I do know that they plugged this film heavily on The View this entire week, but it’s not like I watch The View or anything.  Ok, but I watch it for the articles. 



Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3 placed fifth with $8.2 million.  It’s a super niche film that is going to be more popular on DVD. 


Also, The Watch and The Amazing Spider-Man tied this week for number 10 with $2.2 million. 

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