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'The Raid: Redemption' Sequel Script Kicks into High Gear

A few of us at GTBP, who saw The Raid: Redemption in theaters have been raving about it for months now.  The kick ass martial arts, cops vs baddies extravaganza was released on Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, and more good news accompanied its debut yesterday.  The director of this must-see film Gareth Evans tweeted that he was celebrating his completion of the screenplay for The Raid sequel, Berandal with a can of beer.

Berandal will present the rookie-cop (Iko Iwais) with a new adventure for him to be the MAN in again.  The same kind of story which could see a group of heavily-armed cops raid a massive apartment building full dangerous dudes, and only a few escape the chaos inside.  I assume Evans will recruit more martial artists turned actors for this follow-up.

Deadline confirmed yesterday that one of The Raid's more notable actors, the police leader Joe Taslim will officially take his talents to the new, sixth Fast and Furious movie as a featured villain.  He's expected to play a character similar to Jet Li's in Lethal Weapon 4

I've haven't heard much about the American remake of The Raid as of late, so go ahead and watch the real McCoy on Blu-ray and DVD if you haven't yet.  That's an order soldier!

Check out our The Raid: Redemption review here...

Both Berandal and the Fast and Furious 6 are speculated to release some time in 2013.  I'll be on the look out for one of them, while the other will be just another sequel about fast cars and the bald dudes that drive them.

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