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Weekend Box-Office Results: 'Expendables 2' Annihilates The Enemy, 'Timothy Green' Didn't Have A Chance

I guess it was a slow weekend.  The Expendables 2, though it came in first this weekend, its box-office earnings were too low.  This time around, the sequel made about $8 million less than the first film.   And, I guessed that Whitney Houston fans would rejoice by flocking to see Sparkle on the big screen but it seems people just don't care anymore.  I blame Bobby and her daughter, tainting her already tarnished name into mud.  Also, Disney’s feel great film of the summer must be feeling a little depressed because it failed to make a mark in the top five, as predicted. 

The first Expendables was a corny film that made enough cash to warrant a sequel.  This time it didn’t make as much as the first one despite better reviews, a bigger cast, and Chuck Fu*$#% Norris.  The film opened up in 3,316 theaters, still about 400 less than The Bourne Legacy.  However, with terrible reviews and an underwhelming script, this was bound to happen.  Though The Expendables 2 has a bad script and is terribly corny at times, especially when Schwarzenegger opens up his big metallic mouth.  The film doesn’t take itself seriously and pokes fun at the fact that this film is corny while paying homage to the action films of yesteryear. 


The Expendables 2 earned $28.75 million and The Bourne Legacy made $17 million, a 55% drop from last week.  Before I continue on, there should be a Saturday morning cartoon based on The Expendables called “The Expendapals”.  Right!?  I would definitely watch that.  Okay, back to the numbers. 


ParaNorman placed third with $14 million.  To compare, Coraline only made $16.8 million when it debuted back in 2009.  Why do I keep comparing the two films?  Both films are geared toward the attention of children but it has a horror setting making most kids afraid to see it.  That’s why.  It’ll be interesting to see how Frankenweenie does at the box-office. 


The Campaign managed to hold on at fourth place with a 50% drop from last week, earning $13.3 million.  The film, from what I saw, was hilarious but it seems a bit short at 80-minutes.  Guess I’ll wait until the DVD to find out how it ends.  Sparkle debuted at number with $12 million.  If this film was released the month after she died, this would’ve been a terrific move, probably earning a crap ton of money.  But, no one cares anymore. 

Tim Green had a headstart opening on Wednesday but managed to place 7th with $10.9 million

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