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Beyoncé Aims To Become A Quadruple Threat By Directing A Concert-Documentary About Herself

With increasing celebrity fascination and the price of concert tickets being far more expensive than a movie ticket, concert-documentaries have been seeing a significant rise in production.  Recently we've seen pop-docs such as Katy Perry: Part of Me, Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, and Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.  Recently announced, smash hit recording artist Beyoncé Knowles will be joining those ranks by making her own film centered around her chart-topping music and whirlwind life.  The real kicker is, she's going to be making her directorial debut on the project.

Beyoncé is already widely known an entertainment triple threat by being a singer, dancer, and actress, but this creative decision is a new realm for the superstar.  The key difference between other concert movies and Beyoncé's is that the others had reputable directors that knew exactly how to take disjointed clips of behind the scenes and mold them into a cohesive narrative.  She may surprise us all and actually have a real knack for directing, but the announcement still comes as a shock.  That said, after having a child and showing no trace of it as well as putting out yet another wildly successful all within less than a year, I'm thorough convinced the former Destiny's Child member can do anything.

A movie like this centered around Beyoncé has been begging to be made for years, the woman really is Irreplaceable.  As a Survivor of the pop group saturated 90's, she's made fans and listeners fall Crazy in Love with each new album she puts out.  She's a idol to all the Single Ladies, they practically see her with a Halo, and I'm inclined to believe she could Run The World.  So keep an eye on the Countdown and be sure to Check On It as we wait to see the film get a Greenlight.

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shes so good she wrote a whole paragraph for yah in song titles

Thursday, August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLouis

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