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Hemsworth Ditches Hammer For an AK in New 'Red Dawn' Images

Wolverines 2012

The remake of Patrick Swayze's Red Dawn that none of us asked for is finally being removed (after 2 years) from the development shelf and dusted off in preparation for a November 21 theatrical release.  This new Red Dawn ditches the Cold War angle in favor of a North Korean threat, though we will see a group of teens posse up to save their small town from being taken over by said threat.  Thanks to USA Today we have new set photos of Chris Hemsworth and friends to share.

We apologize ahead of time, as the images are on the small side.  They do reveal a peek at our lead characters packing heat to fend off their invading adversaries.  The first one shows the increasingly popular Hemsworth ditching Thor's hammer and long, blonde hair for a machine gun and crew cut as Jed Eckert.

"Now I have a machine gun Ho-Ho-Ho!"

The next pic features Hemsworth and co-stars Josh Hutcherson as Robert (The Hunger Games) and Josh Peck (The Wackness) as Matt Eckert.  I'm guessing the guys are doing a little recon here... 

While I'm usually opposed to remakes of classic action films like the original 1984 version, I do think our Red Dawn of 2012 has incredible potential to wow moviegoers.  It should be noted the film was on the shelf for a couple of years due to MGM going bankrupt, and Open Road Films has now seized the opportunity to distribute the film.

Red Dawn will mark the directorial debut of long time stunt coordinator Dan Bradley, and in addition to Hemsworth, Peck and Hutcherson it will also star Adrianne Palicki (G.I. Joe: Retaliation), Isabel Lucas (Immortals) and the great Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  

Here's hoping we see a trailer down the line to get more excited about the November release.  And remember...Go Wolverines!

Reader Comments (1)

To be politically topical it ideally should have been about invading FEDERAL government forces exerting control over seceding American states and the actions of those rebeling against it. But heck, they couldn't even be bold enough to portray Chinese forces. The original was only jingoistic agitprop anyway but it was a nice in-your-face statement countering of the anti-nuke, anti-cold war retoric of the time - and it still resonates with the anti government, militia/patriot movement, Timothy McVeigh-types of today. Oh well, post-Dark Knight Rises tragedy, even if they HAD gone with that more topically relevant premise it STILL might have been delayed from release, so as it is, this one might be alright for the action sequences and hardware display. 60 million had to go toward SOMETHING. If Romney wins this MIGHT pick up some biz but otherwise this'll disappear faster than the Thanksgiving turkey before Christmas.

Thursday, August 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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