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Samuel L. Jackson Signs on For 'Oldboy' Remake

Spike Lee’s remake of Chan Wook Park’s modern classic, Oldboy, can add another impressive star to its cast with the inclusion of Samuel L. Jackson.  The Los Angeles Times reports that Jackson will join the likes of Sharlto Copley and Elizabeth OlsenJosh Brolin will play the lead character, Joe Douchett.  Lee’s Old Boy will follow the plot of Park’s original in which a man is released after being kidnapped and imprisoned without explanation for 15 years, and has only five days to discover the reason why.

The word is that Jackson will play a fairly important role as the man who ran the complex in which Brolin’s character was held.  Fans of the original film will know that this character is treated to some intimate torture at the hands of his former prisoner.  Apparently it won’t be the DIY dentistry of the first outing but Lee and company are supposed to have come up with something equally brutal and creative.

Lee’s adaptation is going to have some big expectations to live up to as Park’s 2003 film has become a cult-classic and took home the Grand Prix at Cannes when it was released.  It also features a brilliant performance by Min-Sik Choi and if you haven’t seen it yet, you really should do yourself a favor and check it out.

The film also added the talent of composer Bruce Hornsby.  Hornsby has collaborated with Lee a number of times, must recently with Lee’s recent outing, Red Hook Summer.  All in all things are shaping up for this production to actually do the first film justice.  Old Boy is still early in pre-production but it should be definitely be a film to watch out for.

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