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'Stolen' Trailer Has Nicolas Cage Racing Against The Clock To Save His Daughter

Sounds kinda familiar, right?  With news that Nicolas Cage has a spot waiting for him in the The Expendables 3, it seems like there may be another Cage Renaissance of action flicks heading our way.  He has National Treasure 3 in the works, as well as reportedly returning for Kick-Ass 2, but with the trailer for his latest action thriller, Stolen we get to see him back in full fighting form.  Stolen looks like a whirlwind of a crazy ride from director Simon West, and Nicolas Cage can guarantee that, so keep reading to check out the trailer.  

The plot plays out like a pumped-up Taken with a hefty dose of Ransom then peppered with a dash of The Wicker Man.  Cage plays Will Montgomery, a former criminal who's already paid the price for his past misdeeds.  After he's released from jail, his daughter is kidnapped by his former partner who is looking to either get paid or keep Will's daughter captive in a taxi trunk.  Now Will has twelve hours to get $10 million or he'll never see his daughter again.  As Cage will surely solidify many times, he simply doesn't have the time for this crazy scenario he's found himself in.  Also starring in the film are Josh Lucas, as the devious former partner, and Malin Akerman, as a friend and confidant of Cage's character who helps me secure the money.  Truly, hell hath no fury like a Nic Cage scorned.

Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering what project Nicolas Cage will be attatched to next.  I didn't think there was anywhere he could go after Drive Angry, but he found a way to be just as angry while someone else is driving, specifically driving away with his daughter in the boot.  With that, here's to many more films with good ol' Nic!  

Check out the madness and suspense of Stolen, in theaters September 14th, 2012:



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