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No Sympathy for 'Dark Tower'; Warner Bros. Denies the Project

Stephen King's intellectual properties have certainly shown their marketability in spades.  The successful author has a talent for blending the supernatural and the super real, creating thrilling and engaging stories that translate well to the big screen.  Unfortunately, like most good things, a grand scale can be a harsh dagger.  For the second time, a film package based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower has been passed up for production, this time it's Warner Bros. who are giving it the slip.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that production won't be starting up anytime soon.  The package deal is certainly an ambitious one.  The project is being shopped around with Ron Howard directing, Brian Grazer producing, and Akiva Goldsman on the script.  It would include three feature length films and two TV miniseries.  Sufficed to say, it's a commitment.  

Universal was approached before Warner Bros., but the sheer scale of the entire plan proved too much and Universal sent them packing.  Before that, back in 2007, J.J. Abrams was even attached to the project, but their luck hasn't changed since then.  Maybe the whole ordeal is a part of some wild, real-life King story.

The rough plot of The Dark Tower is a complex one.  It centers around Roland Deschain (rumors are Javier Bardem may play him), a surviving member of a knight-like order known as "gunslingers" and is the last of the line of his world's King Arthur equivalent.  He sets out on a journey to find The Dark Tower, a place where all worlds converge.  It's a Western but it has magic, and I've heard it ties all of King's novels together in some way.  I would pay the production fees just to see it.  Keep the clowns out of it, though.  I ain't signin' up for that.

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