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'Finding Nemo 2' Reels in Ellen to Return as Dory

It came as a bit of surprise when Pixar announced that Andrew Stanton was returning to give the world Finding Nemo 2 almost 10 years after the original blew audiences away.  Not that it doesn't make total sense given that Finding Nemo will be re-released in 3D later this year.  Though story details are severly limited at the moment, THR reports that the queen of TV talk-show hosts Ellen DeGeneres is the first talented voice being brought back to reprise her role as Dory.

It's another move that was a necessity given how badly she reportedly has wanted to be involved in a sequel, and how funny and insanely popular her lost and timid fish character was in the first film.  I'm not sure whether Dory will be the focal point of the sequel, considering the story of Nemo and Marlin seemed all but wrapped up in Finding Nemo when they returned home.  Of course, a Dory spin-off wouldn't have the same name recognition a Finding Nemo 2 would, so it seems you'd need at least Nemo in the mix.

Stanton and Disney could use a another chance to make up for the financial losses and so-so reviews on John Carter, and bringing DeGeneres back for a sequel/guaranteed box-office hit seems like a no brainer.  I'm sure Pixar wouldn't mind having another great movie on its hands too.

We'll pass on the storyline updates once they're announced, and maybe some more voice-over actor additions will be made at the time. 

Finding Nemo 2 is planned for release in 2016.

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