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Cobie Smulders Signs on for 'Starbuck'

Word is that Cobie Smulders, the lovely and authoritative Maria Hill from The Avengers will be signing on as the female lead for Dreamworks’ comedy, Starbuck.  Variety reports that Smulders is set to play the pregnant girlfriend of the main character and will star alongside Chris Pratt and Vince Vaughn.

Starbuck was originally a potent little project from director and writer Ken Scott that explored the reason why it’s never a good idea to sell your seed just because you’re low on funds.

In the movie the main character is an irresponsible mid-forties man that is going through his third childhood when his girlfriend suddenly drops the bomb that she’s pregnant.  Of course, this brings up an important part of our protagonist’s past, that nearly 20 years ago he donated a lot of sperm for some extra cash and ended up fathering 533 kids.  

Those are staggering numbers.  This guy is up there with Wilt Chamberlain and Ramesses II.  But the worst part is that now 142 of them are filing a class action lawsuit to find the man responsible, a man known only as Starbuck.

The first film is set in Canada and was shot largely in French and has received pretty solid reviews across the board.  Thankfully Ken Scott himself is handling both writing and directing duties for this one so hopefully the charm of the original won't be lost in translation.

No word on a release date yet but shooting is supposedly supposed to begin later this year.

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