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Paul Verhoeven Doesn't Like the 'Total Recall' Remake? You're Not the Only One Paul

Total Recall circa 2012 was a real stinker.  And believe me, I want to use terminology that may some call uncouth or downright rude, but I am a gentleman, so a real stinker she shall be.  Paul Verhoeven, the director of the 1990 version, which wasn’t a stinker, has pretty much echoed the same sentiment.  When asked about the new version, Verhoeven played the polite card.  But I imagine he probably wanted to say the Total Recall circa 2012 was a real f***ing piece of dog sh**.

But let’s find out what he really said shall we?

It all went down at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles.  Verhoeven was attending a screening of his version of Total Recall when the opportunity arose to talk about the newest film starring Colin Farrell.  You see the producers of version 2012 called the original “cheesy” and Farrell called it “kitschy”.   

Verhoeven responded with this:

"Arnold being there made the movie a little light, and I think that’s very important for these Philip Dick stories," he said. "I think if it would have been done in a straight way, I’m not so sure that it would have worked – at least, not at that time. And recently [in the Total Recall remake], it did not. I get to say that because the producer of the new one said that this was cheesy or something. And Colin Farrell called it in an interview ‘kitschy.’ So I dare to say that his version was not good."

Not the most radical awe inspiring comment ever made but he has a point.  Total Recall 2012 was one of the worst of the summer (and maybe the year) because the movie had no life.  It had no suspense or mystery to it.  It had no interest in telling a story or casting the right actors.  I love Colin Farrell but he was the wrong choice for the movie.  Jessical Biel and Kate Beckinsale...wrong choices for the the movie.  Len Wiseman…the guy should maybe just direct commercials; feature films are not his strong suit. 

Total Recall 1990 rules, Total Recall 2012 drools.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

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Reader Comments (4)

I won't argue with too many on the '12 version of "Total Recall". I still think it's a good "3 R" sci fi movie for the 21st century. (Repulsor lifts, Robots and....Rekall?) I like Wiseman for the Underworld series as they show how the best comic book movies are sometimes the ones that AREN'T based on a comic book. I think he just wanted a chance to show himself outside of that successful series and he took the too safe route. Here was a chance to do what Cronenberg dropped out on his attempt to do - because "he was making the book" and they didn't want that. Here was the chance to finally see the more "head trip" flip side, and he blew it. We already saw the all out Arnie action fest. We didn't need to see that again. Sure Verhoven's "neo brutal" attempt doesn't seem so "neo" anymore. But just slicking it up with some new sci fi, techno, political gizmos - which I DID think were cool - just wasn't what we wanted, having heard of that more mental trip of Cronenberg's for so many years. I DON"T think he would have made any more money going that route, mind you, but if his aim was to get out of the "Underworld" he shouldn't have taken a train through the center of the Earth.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

"Len Wiseman…the guy should maybe just direct commercials; feature films are not his strong suit."

LOL! Like you're qualified to tell Len Wiseman what he should be doing. You're just some worthless schmuck on the internet. Len Wiseman's Die Hard film kicked ass, got great critical reception, and made more money than any Die Hard film ever. His original Underworld was also quite good. His 2 hour TV Hawaii Five-O TV pilot was very good and received overwhelmingly positive reviews and launched that series to a very successful run. I think Len Wiseman has forgotten more about filmmaking than you would ever know in 10 lifetimes. The only thing Len Wiseman should have done was to stay away from this remake because it was a bad idea. I think Len Wiseman will decide what he wants to do and you keep running this third rate blog where you criticize people infinitely more talented and successful than you.

The only thing you're right on is the casting of Colin Farrell, who is quite simply box office poison. As for Kate Beckinsale, she was easily the best thing in this film are far better than Sharon Stone.

Let me also say that the creator of such garbage as Starship Troopers, Hollow Man, and Showgirls should keep his mouth shut. The man pumped out as much garbage as he did good films. Showgirls was 10,000 times worse than Total Recall 2012 could ever be, and is one of the worst films of all time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoe

Like you're qualified to tell Craig Dietz what he thinks Len Wiseman should be doing? How does one get qualified?

Paul Verhoeven should have the right to voice his opinion on the subject since he has familiarity with the film. I loved Starship Troopers and think it was one of his best movies.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | Registered CommenterGet The Big Picture

Live Free or Die Hard may have made more money, but Die Hard sold more tickets, at a lower price than Live Free did. And if you adjust for inflation, then Live Free actually makes less money than the other 3 films.

Saying that Len Wiseman is more successful than I am, who's really qualified to say that? What I do is pretty sweet.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercraig dietz

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