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From Baltimore to Detroit, Michael K. Williams in Talks for 'RoboCop'

While the jury comes in as to the merit of a remake of another Paul Verhoeven film (see the review from our own Kerry Fleming here), news keeps coming down the pipe about the other big Verhoeven remake, RoboCop.  This time we’ve got word that Michael Kenneth Williams, best known as Omar Little from The Wire and Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire, is in talks to play the cyborg crime-fighter’s partner, according to The Hollywood Reporter

Director José Padilha (Elite Squad) has managed to put together an impressive cast, including the talents of Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Laurie and Jackie Earle Haley.  I really want to wish this project all the best and I sincerely hope that it’s as awesome as it deserves to be.  Yet, I find myself asking exactly what it was that Paul Verhoeven did to Hollywood to have them remake all of his best films as though they weren’t good enough the first time.  

Williams also recently signed on for Steve McQueen’s upcoming Twelve Years a Slave, as we previously reported. RoboCop is currently slated to have all systems go by August 9, 2013.

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