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'ALF' To Crash Land Into Theaters

Teddy has made some major bank, both here and overseas, and in a year where almost everything that isn't a superhero movie flops, studios will try to find any pattern for success that they can.  The result: the much rumored ALF movie has been officially green lit.  I'm guessing many of you don't actually know what that means (I'm just barely old enough to remember it), but it means that we're getting another "small furry CGI thing deals with everyday life" movie.

The show ALF (stands for alien life form) is the story of an alien from the planet Melmac who crash lands on earth and is forced to live with an average suburban family.  Sitcom antics ensue.  It's really nothing to write home about, though the best parts come from Alf's constant attempts to eat the family cat.

Like I said, nothing to write home about.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, puppeteer Paul Fusco will reprise his role as the titular character.  Thus far, no writers or director have been named.

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