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Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho Bringing Back the Smackdown...'Nuff Said

It took me about 3 or 4 viewings to really appreciate and come to love the Mike Judge world known as Idiocracy.  As most of us know the movie was given the shaft when it was released a few years ago but thanks to word of mouth, home video and Comedy Central, the movie has a very deserving following.  And now, we may be getting more, in the form of web videos featuring everyone’s favorite former U.S President/porn star/ Ultimate Smackdown Champion.  Rejoice fans, rejoice.

Terry Crews, the actor responsible for giving the character much of its iconic status, was speaking with Movieline during press for Expendables 2 and had this to say about the future of the character:

"Me and Mike [Judge] are talking right now with Fox about some Camacho stuff. We literally met with Fox a week ago. It’s so cool... We’re going to see what it becomes, but we got approval from Fox to do some stuff. We’re going to start off on the internet and do some small interstitials with Camacho... We’ve just got to gauge the interest and Fox wants to start slow… you’ve got to let it take off."

This is pretty sweet news.  Not only because Mike Judge will be involved but there is so much they can do with this character.  And the fact they are taking the route of doing, in what I assume, will be short videos, well, this is the right play. 

If I had my druthers, I would make these videos in sort of an interview perspective and intercut the interviews with flashbacks scenes showing off his life.  But whatever Judge and Crews decide to do, I ‘m sure it will be pretty hilarious.  It would be cool if they were also able to bring back in some capacity, some of the other supporting characters from Idiocracy

Well boys and girls, this can’t come soon enough.  But word of advice for Mike and Terry: use water, like from the toilet, and let this baby grow into something completely awesome.

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