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'Gran Torino' Meets 'Moneyball' in 'Trouble With the Curve' Trailer

Clint Eastwood has had his ups and downs as a director, but in Trouble With the Curve he really seems to be reurning to form by...wait...ok, it turns out that he isn't actually directing himself in this.  Well, that's definitely something new.  It's kind of the only new thing in the recently released trailer for Trouble With The Curve, which features Eastwood as a grumpy old man with family problems.  Well, at least he knows what he's good at, right?

Lack of innovation aside, this does look like a decent film.  The talent's definitely there, with Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake (yes, we all have to admit that he's a great actor now), John Goodman, etc.  While Eastwood may not be behind the camera, the director is Robert Lorenz, a longtime assistant director of Eastwood's films, so we'll likely get a very similar flavor.  Though, as some of those films have proven, that isn't always a good thing.

Trouble With The Curve is due for a September 21, 2012 release.

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