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Fearless Forecast: 'Evil', Indeed, Goes Global & Makes Sushi Out Of 'Nemo'

This film has some of the best viral posters I've seen for a film in a long while

Coming off of the worst box-office weekend in history, this weekend should bring movies out of their post-summer slump.  But what if people have stopped going to the movies due to higher expectations based on this year’s biggest hits?  Probably not - I know I’m winded from going to the movies, especially after seeing The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises three times in theaters; I have to catch my breath.  I’m ready to get my fix, especially this weekend with Resident Evil: Retribution opening in over 3,000 movie theaters nationwide. 

Those films get a bad rap from gamers and movie enthusiasts alike, but I happen to enjoy the Resident Evil films.  Paul W.S. Anderson isn’t a great director but he sure knows how to make a fun film.  Moviegoers hate this series because it’s corny and gamers hate this series because it doesn’t follow the canon of the video games.  Well, the films are that type of corny to warrant my attention and the film builds upon a separate canon in conjunction with the games. 

I think Milla Jovovich is great in this role and she’s backed by a great array of character actors.  The films are more successful than what I choose to let on.  The last film managed to perform well despite scathing reviews from critics.  Each film is somewhat successful but have never made more than $26 million on its first weekend.  That isn’t going to change this weekend with the latest film, even though the fan favorite characters are returning.

But who’s going to be the top fish this weekend when Disney is re-releasing Finding Nemo in 3D for a limited engagement?. 

 Fish are friends - Not food.Disney has been re-releasing their best work rendered entirely in 3D to appeal to a new audience.  It has worked exceptionally well for The Lion King and fairly well for the rest of the re-releases.  Finding Nemo is the latest film to get the 3D treatment and most people are excited.  I went to see this film in theaters when I was still in the fifth grade and it would be exciting to see this film again now that I’m an adult.  Yes, I am the young buck of the group here at GTBP.  Might I add, there is a whole generation who hasn’t seen this film and this film is one of the strongest Pixar films in recent memory; it’s no Wall•E or Up but the film is still in the top five best Pixar films.  It’s going to place second this weekend with about $18 million. 


The Possession will place third this weekend after two weeks in the number one slot.  The film will earn $11.45 million this weekend, dropping to the third spot.  Lawless will drop to fourth place with just under $10.2 million and The Expendables 2 will round out the First Five with $9.3 million. 

This photo needs no explanation 

Let’s put this info in list form, baby!

The First Five

1. Resident Evil: Retribution: $22.875 M

2. Finding Nemo: $18 M

3. The Possession $11.45 M

4. Lawless: $10.2 M

5. The Expendables 2: $9.3 M

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