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New 'Godzilla' Will Invade Your City in 2014

I just flew in from Tokyo and boy are my arms tired!

After not leaving much of an imprint in 1998, the world's most notorious city destroying dinosaur is preparing for a big screen return soon courtesy of Monsters writer/director Gareth Edwards.  The big brute, known as Godzilla, who's battled the likes of King Kong will emerge on movie screens once again on May 16, 2014, TheFilmStage reported yesterday.  And Edwards has big plans for Japan's most celebrated movie monster, with the awesome David S. Goyer chipping in on the script.

There's also word via Comic Con that not only will the movie come to us in 3D, but that Edwards wants Godzilla to have a more realistic feel compared to his previous appearances.  He's leaning more towards an approach of "If this really happened, what would it be like", which is what made his under the radar film Monsters so enjoyable. 

Probably another reason Legendary believes Edwards is the right man to bring Godzilla back for more, easing the pain Roland Emmerich unleashed on the world with his version years ago.  Having P-Diddy almost ruin Led Zeppelin's Kashmir on the films soundtrack didn't help much either.  The past is the past, so I digress.

If you've seen Monsters, you must like Edwards' chances of creating a worthwhile Godzilla tale for us to anticipate in the coming years.

Godzilla will face stiff competition with other 2014 summer blockbusters in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes coming out as well.  It's much too early to pick a favorite here...

Reader Comments (1)

In its defense, the '98 version tried to - if not make things realistic - at least give Godzilla a little more foothold in the movie world it existed in, more so than Toho's version. The way it would hide and attack its enemies, the way it reproduced - and so forth. The one thing it DID try to do right off from the beginning was establish Godzilla as a sort of superhero - which the Toho version had to evolve into over a few movies before being considered as such. I always thought that was the main reason for the "muscled" appearance, and the running, jumping, diving performing ACTION of that version. Still though, Gareth Edwards gives me confidence he understands the idea of Godzilla as an alien here to do - What? We don't know. And that's something I had hoped the '98 version would have continued to explore with further additions. Maybe, it's possible, with this new version - and a "classic' but still fresh approach - it will still continue that idea and at the same time showcase new approaches to the lineup of Toho kaiju - and yes - do one better indeed than the '98 version.

Friday, September 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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