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Sequelitis! 'Ted' & Bourne Get Sequels & A Chance to Redeem Themselves

Now that the summer of 2012 is over, looking back at it all the word vexing comes to mind.  That’s not to say there wasn’t a gem or two in the piles of coal passed off as our yearly summer cinema entertainment, but you really had to root around those piles of coal to find them.  Two of those movies that proved most vexing to me, Ted & The Bourne Legacy did well enough  that Universal is giving the go ahead on furthering their respective adventures…yippee (sarcasm).

Getting another Bourne movie is to be expected, considering that Legacy did nothing but set itself up for more movies.  In fact the movie was more concerned with setting up another film than actually paying attention to the one they were making.  I really thought Legacy was going to be a good if not great movie, boy I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Well, I take that back, it wasn’t a bad movie; it was just a frustrating one.  I hope with the 5th movie they actually give us some of the back story that was hinted at in Legacy.

Ted, the little foul-mouthed teddy bear that could, ended up making more than $200 million here in the U.S.  That’s way more than anyone expected.  But give credit where credit is due, it just showed how big of a fan base Seth MacFarlane has.  It doesn’t mean the movie was funny (but I’m definitely in the minority in thinking that) and I definitely don’t see any reason to have a sequel to Ted.  But my guess is we’ll get a sequel that has Ted ending up in some exotic locale or worse, escaping from Guantanamo Bay.   

No word on when these movies are expected to start shooting, release dates or who from the other movies will return, but Universal is making Ted 2 a priority.  

Who’s excited?

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If they're going to be done they need to be done FAST. Ideally, both need to be out in '14 window and no later. McFarlane is used to making raucous SERIES and the Bourne movies are doing what the other movies did - and what the Bond movies did - they just take the title of the original source material and run with it. As long as they build this SERIES up into something beyond what the previous SERIES did - and that involves Mat Damon AND he actually comes back at some point - they'll have an interesting follow-up SERIES. Hmmm. SERIES. There's that word again. And just like a tv SERIES they need to have that next episode ready to go to build that "appointment viewing". That's maybe why they're a little underwhelming as movies by themselves but as part of a series they add up to something a little more. The movie biz doesn't work like tv though, so it takes a little more for them to "commit to series" but once they do they really have to move.

Saturday, September 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.BradleyBradley

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