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New 'Hitchcock' Poster is Spookily Accurate

Between this and Daniel Day Lewis in Spielberg's Lincoln, it looks like it's the season of biopics where stars look incredibly close to the real thing.  In this case, it's Anthony Hopkins playing Alfred Hitchcock in Hitchcock, no doubt sporting some facial prosthetics in order to get the look just right.  Few directors are quite as recognizable as the famed creator of classics like Psycho, North By Northwest, and The Birds, and they really managed to nail it.

The film covers the making of Psycho, and the professional and personal struggles that Hitchcock had to go through to get it made.  It was a constant difficulty getting funding, especially for a project that was so extreme at the time for its portrayal of violence and sexuality.  This is definitely one to look out for when it's released on November 23.

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