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Waterman Entertainment Strikes Again For A CGI/Live-Action 'Mr. Ed' Reboot

This is a whole lot of stuff from the other end of the horse.

It truly seems like we are standing in the midst of a great tidal wave of CGI/live-action reboots.  Recently I've reported on Looney Tunes hatching plans to reboot the series in that way, as well as media company Waterman Entertainment buying up the rights to The Brave Little Toaster and updating the hell out of it.  Today news is coming in via Cinema Blend that Waterman Entertainment has also bought the right to the classic TV program Mr. Ed and have plans to give it a fresh CGI/live-action paint job.  This has Marmaduke written all over it.

The original series, which ran from 1958 to 1966, followed Wilbur Post and his faithful horse Mr. Ed, who strangely had the ability to talk only to Wilbur.  Since the plan is to have the film be combination of computer animation and live acting, there's a strong chance that there won't even be a horse in the new movie.  Sadly there is no word on who will write, direct, or star in the new film.  If the source material is any indication, there will be guaranteed laughs as you would often find with a mischievous horse and klutzy owner.  Ah the glory days of television.

To be frank, I'm a bit afraid to see what classic will be getting the reboot treatment tomorrow.  It seems as if every day there's a new one being prepped mass consumption.  The intentions of Waterman Entertainment are pure, however, as they've been quoted saying that they are looking to reintroduce timeless properties that can span generations.  So while I'm not happy that some of my favorite films are being repolished, it is warming to see a company trying to keep the characters alive in children's minds.  Just stay away from A Troll In Central Park.  

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They've bought the rights. They have the technology. They'll find out how timeless a property it is and just how many generations of appeal it'll span. It's their money and their horse...of course.

Monday, September 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJ.Bradley

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