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Weekend Box-Office Results: Katniss & LAPD Hit A Ground Rule Double Off of Eastwood's 'Curve'

In baseball, you can’t end a game until a team comes out victorious, no ties, no mercy.  Trouble with the Curve had that exact problem, it failed to lure a Gran Torino audience and was beaten out by both End of Watch and House at the End of the Street.  I bring up the tie in baseball because End of Watch and House at the End of the Street tied for first at the box-office this weekend. 


End of Watch looked like crap, based upon my first impression of the trailer but with tremendous reviews from critics and from GTBP, I might just give this film a chance.  I really enjoy Michael Peña in any role, so there’s a plus.  The film did thirteen even, beating out David Ayer’s past directorial features, Harsh Times and Street Kings.  Also, this was more well received than those so it looks as though Ayer could be directing more of his own work, as long as it’s not another U-571 then we’re okay.


The Jennifer Lawrence horror film, House at the End of the Street or HATES, an acronym I hate using, also earned an even thirteen flat.  Relativity Media just wants to ride on the coat tails of a new popular actress because of her new found fame in The Hunger Games.  Not a dirty move, just a move that could bring in money and it did – sort of.  I wouldn’t call $13 million a success per se but with the way movies are making money at the end of the summer, I would call it a triumph they got $13 million worth of people to waste their time watching a crap film. 

Trouble with the Curve placed third with $12.720 million.  It performed its damnedest against House at the End of Watch or whatever but it just couldn’t measure up.  I think it could be baseball.  Moneyball placed second when it debuted last year and Eastwood couldn’t do anything to save it.  If the film was about football or basketball, you can bet your bottom dollar that this film could have won the weekend.  Baseball is America’s pastime but it’s a boring sport to watch live, so why would anyone want to pay to see this film about a boring sport?  With that said, I’m going later this week. 


Finding Nemo placed fourth with $9.4 million beating out Resident Evil: Retribution, which earned $6.7 miilion. Dredd 3D placed sixth with $6.3 million, a terrible debut for a film I thought was going to perform well at the box-office.  Shame.  And The Master improved by 579% to place seventh and earned $5 million flat.  The only film in the top ten to place playing in under one thousand theaters. 


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