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Matt Damon Reunites With Van Sant for 'Promised Land' Trailer: How Do You Like Them Apples?

'Matt Damon..."

The collaborative team of Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant has a record of 1-1.  The win is Good Will Hunting.  You may have heard of it, the movie won a few awards, no big deal.  The loss goes to Gerry.  That one you probably haven’t heard of.  It was a…nice attempt.  Meandering is a good word to use.  But hoping to get back over .500, they are back with a new offering: Promised Land.  What looks like a mixture of Erin Brockovich/Norma Rae/John Grisham novel; the movie looks…promising.

The line on the movie goes like this:

Promised Land stars Matt Damon as a salesman who works alongside Frances McDormand's land leaser to try to acquire areas of the country rich with natural gas for a multi-billion-dollar corporation. He heads to the struggling fictional town of McKinley and seemingly has convinced them to sell their land when an environmentalist played by John Krasinski shows up and makes both Damon and the town change their perspectives on giving up their country.

Both Damon and John Krasinski wrote the script for Promised Land and Damon was originally going to direct it, but later backed out of that duty.  Getting Van Sant though to step in is a pretty decent 2nd choice.  The movie is also lining it self up to hopefully grab some Oscar gold as a theatrical release date of Dec 28th has been set (limited release…sorry 2/3rd's of the country)

While I have all the faith in the world that everyone involved will deliver a solid movie.  There is a sense from the trailer that Promised Land may be a little too predictable, which would then lead it down the path of dullsville.  But hey, as long as the movie is properly executed, the predictability factor should be fine.

New York and L.A will get to see this movie starting Dec. 28th.  For the rest of us, start looking for it to roll out more in January.

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