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Wiseman Going for the Coffin in a 'Mummy' Reboot

One of my favorite memories is watching The Mummy with my family.  Laughing at every cheesy line that came out of Brendan Frasers' mouth and talking like Rachel Weisz.  The biggest thing I took away from that movie was that director Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing) kept true to the vintage style of the story.  It conjured up thoughts of the Boris Karloff 1932 horror classic The Mummy.

In 2014, 15 years after Sommers, The Mummy is getting a reboot by Underworld director Len Wiseman.  With a script penned by Jon Spaihts (first string writer for Prometheus) and the production team of Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Transformers), Wiseman will have the opportunity to revive an already successful franchise.  The first two Fraser flicks were a hit and a fresh perspective could bring promising results (aka alotta moola).

Wiseman has thrived in the arena of folklore and sticking to the legends and tales of creatures that we've come to know: werewolves and vampires to name a few.  To know that he is recreating a band-aid wrapped undead man, makes me very excited for what's coming up. The opportunity to introduce old school horror to a new generation is damn brilliant.  Are you ready?

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