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'A Thousand Words' Better Than 'Argo'? This Guy Seems to Think So

Armond White is my name, making people mad is my game.

I start this article quoting Dirty Harry (via The Dead Pool):  “opinion’s are like a**holes, everybody has one”.    Armond White, a critic out of New York definitely has his opinion when it comes to movies.  It’s an opinion that has many scratching their heads in disbelief.  And that head scratching is never more apparent than when Armond releases his year end better than list of films.  Ghost Rider 2 better than Zero Dark Thirty A Thousand Words better than Argo?  Armond seems to think so. 

Now in case you’re unaware of Armond and his opinions, let me give you a little background.  Mr. White has in the past said the Paul W.S. Anderson (the dude behind the Resident Evil movies) is a better filmmaker than Paul Thomas Anderson.  He has also stated that Jack and Jill was better than The Descedents…oh, and he was the critic that hated Toy Story 3, thus denying it’s chances of getting a 100% percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.   That’s just a little taste but you should be able to get the cut of this guys jib. 

Well Armond has just released his 2012 better than list and yes, he states that Eddie Murphy’s A Thousand Words is better than Argo and Ghost Rider 2 and Taken 2 are better than Zero Dark Thirty.  Now the first thing that pops to mind is really? The second thing that pops to mind is really?  And finally what comes to mind is the guy is simply looking for publicity.  But is he really?  You’ll see my review of Zero Dark Thirty on Friday but he couldn’t be farther from the truth both accounts.

If you don’t like Argo or Zero Dark Thirty, that’s fine.  But it really looks like he’s looking for attention when comparing them to films that are just flat out lazy on every level of filmmaking.  I am literally scratching my head at this moment trying to understand his logic…but I simply can’t.  So if attention is the ultimate goal, mission accomplished my friend, you got me talking about it. 

You can read his list here.  It’s not all bad, but just like A Thousand Words, his attention grabbing ways are lazy at best. 

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