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Guillermo Del Toro Gives Updates On His Many, Many Projects

Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro has long been the source of my ire, not because of the films he makes, but the ones he picks up and drops.  Read through our list of articles about him, and you'll find that many are about him announcing projects that never come to fruition.  Well, this is one of those instances where I eat my words, because he recently gave an interview where he updates on several of those projects, and they seem to be alive and will.

You can find the full interview here, and it's worth the read, but here are the highlights:

First, he says a little bit on why his projects take such a long time:

 ... it's not like I have two screenplays under my bed. I successfully reached page 25 for Saturn and the End of Days and on another [script] I have successfully reached page 45. Those things take years to write. Devil's Backbone was like 15 years it took me to make. Pan's Labyrinth it took me two or three years to solve the screenplay. I work on them but they are trickier propositions. As soon as I finish the screenplay to one of them, I'll leave everything I have to go make it.

He also spoke about his film based on the Haunted Mansion Disneyland Ride:

 HAUNTED MANSION is very much alive and in process. Disney is very supportive and we are doing another draft of the screenplay… Yet another draft… And they really want to do it. I know we're going to talk about other possible directors, for me to produce, and having written it, produce it for somebody else.

It's going to be scary. Hopefully it will be fun scary, rather than funny scary. It's going to be fun but the idea is to make it scary like when you go through the ride as the kid – part of you is charmed and part of you wants to get out of there.

And finally, an update on Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson:

We just got the first draft from Andrew Davies, who wrote some BBC Charles Dickens miniseries, to great effect, including two of my favorites of his – 'Little Dorrit' and 'Bleak House.' I love his work. So we just got it. I'm doing a pass myself and then we'll send it to the studio for reactions.

So, some of these things sound like they're going smoothly.  I just hope it stays that way, and that we eventually get a Hellboy III.

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