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The Sequelnator! Arnold Comeback Tour Officially Adds 'Terminator 5' To the List

In case you haven’t already heard, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new movie The Last Stand only made about $500,000 dollars more than that Gerald Butler romantic comedy that came out in December, Playing for Keeps.  That’s f**king sad people.  So what’s a man to do in this situation?  Well, you follow Sylvester Stallones approach to comebacks:  sequels baby!  Arnie has talked up a new Conan and that Triplets movie, now comes word that he is officially going to put on the leather jacket for Terminator 5.  Someone call Edward Furlong…its reunion time!

While in London promoting The Last Stand (and praying it does a little better over there than it did here) Arnold was talking with Bleeding Cool and confirmed that he will be in Terminator 5.  I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. 

If you didn’t read my review, The Last Stand wasn’t a bad movie; in fact it was pretty enjoyable.  It wasn’t one of Arnold’s best movies, but it wasn’t the Last Action Hero either.    But when you’re trying to make yourself viable again with your movie career, I can see the logic with jumping into projects that people are familiar with.  But a 5th Terminator, what could they possibly do that can make people excited about this franchise?  The story has already been told…in the other 4 movies.   

I know maybe the 5th movie can have Arnold’s T-800 come back and stop real Arnold from deciding that this, Triplets and a new Conan movie are a good idea.  They can sit down, My Dinner with Andre style and work out the pros and cons.  That’s sounds exciting right? I kid, but seriously, maybe Arnie should call up his pal James Cameron and convince him…beg him to do Terminator 5.  That would make the project something worth paying attention to.  

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