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Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler May Join ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Up until now, we have mostly rumors concerning Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and those all focused on the apparent choice of leads.  If today’s story, courtesy of Latino Review is accurate, then the honchos at Marvel are focusing on one of the other characters, perhaps Rocket Raccoon?  How else to understand why they have reached out to determine the availability or Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey.  What is known right now is James Gunn (Super) is directing from a script penned by Chris McCoy and Nicole Perlman.

The article also mentioned that Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games), Chris Lowell (The Help), and Cam Gigandet (Easy A) are still on the list for the Peter Quill/Star-Lord character.  Other “Guardians” team characters that will obviously need actors are: Drax the Destroyer, Groot, and Gamora.  With production slated to start up later this year all these rumors will soon give way to bonafide actuals.

The folks over at Latino Review usually have very legit sources for these types of breaking news stories so I’m sure they’re on the mark again with this one.  

With that said….if you had your druthers (yes, I said druthers) and assuming it’s for the role as mentioned in the first paragraph, which over-the-top “voice” would you prefer to hear?

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