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First Clip of Kutcher In 'jOBS' Isn't Bad, Far From Great Though

When it was announced last April that Ashton Kutcher would be portraying Steve Jobs in a new movie, it was assumed that a nice Aprils Fools joke had just played.  But then we found out the joke was true and the laughter of just being pranked turned into people screaming “Holy F***ing S***, has the whole world gone crazy”? (Or maybe that was just me screaming that).  Well, jOBS is just a couple of months away from playing your local multiplex and we have clip from the movie. …HELLO WISCONSIN…

Well if you’re like me and felt that Kutcher could never pull off playing a man like Steve Jobs, that clip will do nothing to ease your fear (it certainly doesn’t ease mine).   But in all fairness, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen Kutcher do. Granted it’s only a minute of film but that could easily be Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso. The guy is pretty limited with his acting range.

jOBS also premiered at Sundance, where word on the film wasn’t disastrous but opinon wasn’t exactly glowing either.   I’m guessing that when this movie opens on April 19th, it will come and go pretty quickly and forgotten even faster.   Then we can wait for Aaron Sorkin’s  Steve Jobs biopic.   Now that’s an idea I can get excited about.

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