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See Nicolas Cage Don Superman's Blue Tights

We posted an article about the debacle that was the potential Superman Lives film featuring Nicolas Cage  a few days ago, along with a picture of the electro rainbow suit that he was supposed to wear.  That was only for towards the end of the film, though.  He'd still start out with the traditional red and blue getup, so we'd still get see how Nicolas Cage filled in the tights.  The exact test photos of that project were only leaked recently, so now we can see the awkwardness ourselves.

Well, my title was a little misleading, wasn't it?  It's clearly taking inspiration from Tim Burton's version of Batman, which means it's made of rubber that's almost impossible to move in.  That, and because of the black and white filter, I'm not sure of what the color is supposed to be.  You might think that the traditional red and blue would be a given, but this was the creation of a director who bragged that he never read comics.  Who knows?  I think we can all be glad that this project never panned out.

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