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'Expendables 3' To Feature A Former Politician (Whose Name Isn't Arnold)

A lot of names have been getting thrown around for who will be added to the mega-star roster of the Expendables franchise.  Many of them are the people you would expect to find, like Clint Eastwood, Wesley Snipes, and Jackie Chan.  Even Nicolas Cage has been given the chance to mug his crazy face in the high-octane action franchise.  One more cameo has been hinted at, though, and I guarantee it isn't one that you're expecting.  And no, it isn't Jesse Ventura.

In a recent interview with MTV Sylvester Stallone implied that he was going to "maybe" ask former president Bill Clinton to make an appearance in the film.  When Stallone first suggested it, the reporter laughed, to which Stallone responded, "You think I'm joking, right?"

The wording is obviously pretty ambiguous, and maybe Sly is just pulling our chains here.  But if this turns out to be true...I think it's freaking awesome.  As much as the Expendables movies have delivered on what they intend to, I've always thought they would do better with even more absurdity thrown into the mix.  Finding a way Bill Clinton to appear onscreen (I'm sure it would just be a cameo) would do just that.

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