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'Warcraft' Film Logs 'Source Code' Director In For Production

A while ago it was announced that fan favorite Sam Raimi was directing the planned Warcraft film, and fandom rejoiced.  Then, he left to make Oz: The Great and Powerful, and a few trailers featuring a drab James Franco later, there were few announcements that indicated that the Warcraft film was any closer to fruition.  Now, there's a newly announced director that should breathe new life into the project and help it escape from development hell, and he's another fan favorite.

That director is Duncan Jones, known for the great sci-fi flicks Source Code, and Moon, and for being David Bowie's son. Not much more information about the film has been released, such as what part of the wide-reaching Warcraft universe it will focus on, or whether or not it will outwardly bill itself as a World of Warcraft film (we all know that WoW is why this film is getting made).

It would just be rehashing for me to bring how miserable the track record for video game movies are, but it just serves to emphasize how significant this could be.  I contend that all we really need for the quality of video game movies to increase is just one uncontrversially great one that proves to the industry as a whole that there are games worth putting effort in to create movies based on.  We need a Batman Begins, a Spider-Man 2, a Dark Knight of game-based movies.  Will this be it, if it comes to fruition.  I can't say for sure, but with a great filmmaker like Jones behind it this looks more hopeful then any of the previous projects have been.

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