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New 'Jack The Giant Slayer' Shows Us (Suprise) A Giant!

Remember how awesome that rock giant scene was in The Hobbit? Well, those giants were taken from the book, and there's a reason that J.R.R. Tolkien felt the need to have "rock" giants instead of just regular giants. That book was published in the 1930s.  The point is, just taking a human and making them large hasn't been creatively acceptable in fantasy for a long time. Unfortunately, from the new Jack The Giant Slayer poster, that's what they're sticking with.

So, yeah, Jack the Giant Slayer happens to be one of those movies that I think looks just awful.  That's not because I want to hate it, though. I actually really like Bryan Singer as a director, but its for that reason I hold him to the standard of not making movies that look so damn boring.  Then again, I always hold out hope that a movie can defy my expectations.  I've certainly been proven wrong before.

Jack the Giant Slayer is set for a March 2013 release.

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