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Fearless Forecast: 'Warm Bodies' Takes A 'Bullet To The Head', Still Stands Taller Than 'Stand Up Guys'

Which films are you most excited to see this weekend?  Warm Bodies, Bullet to the Head, and Stand Up Guys all make their way into theaters this weekend and each film is something for everyone.  Warm Bodies is for more the young crowd, Bullet to the Head is more geared toward the older male audience and Stand Up Guys is more toward your grandfather and his friends.  But what is going to be the highest grossing film this weekend?  Will it be Sylvester Stallone with Bullet to the Head?


Zombies are something that will earn the most money this weekend.  Jonathan Levine’s last film 50/50 didn’t really make an impact when it was released a couple of years ago but it was nominated for a Golden Globe.  Warm Bodies looks like it dances on the same line of drama and comedy like 50/50 did but with more a goofy or campy tone.  Resident Evil 6 wasn’t a huge hit with critics but did rake in a pretty good amount on a slow weekend.  Zombies will once again prevail, earning the most money this weekend. Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer aren’t really well known by mainstream audiences but with Warm Bodies they should get used to hearing their names more often.  Expect it to make $27 million.           


Sly Stallone’s next picture, Bullet to the Head looks like a fun time at the movies with  Sung Kang  from the later Fast and Furious films and Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones.  The film is directed by Walter Hill who did the iconic films The Warriors, 48 Hrs., and The Long Riders.  Recently, he’s been doing a lot better producing hits rather than directing them.  Sly’s last big hit was the sequel to The Expendables, which drew in a huge crowd to see a mixed bag of action heroes.  I see the film performing as well it possibly could this weekend, this slow, Superbowl weekend.  Maybe a nice $20 million. 


Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters will take a huge hit this weekend, dropping by a little over 50% from last weekend.  I see it earning $9.2 million.  Mama will place fourth with $9.05 million. 


Stand Up Guys, which will be getting a review soon, will not be the film everyone rushes out to see.  I saw the film already and I enjoyed it but it doesn’t move as fast as you would like.  The film stars Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, and Christopher Walken and will only appeal to the older folks who like going to the movies.  Young people are fans of these well established actors, especially Christopher Walken, but not for their acting.  Everyone I know tries to do their best Walken impression and everyone dies a Pacino impression from Scarface to Dog Day Afternoon, to Carlito's Way to Scent of a Woman.  Hoo ahh, this film is going to place fifth with about $5 million. 



The First Five

Warm Bodies $27 M

Bullet to the Head $20 M

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters $9.2 M

Mama $9.05 M

Stand Up Guys $5 M


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