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Guest Writer Marjorie Schneider: Best College Movies

If you're a big bad high school senior and the transition to college student is fast approaching, you might want to brush up on your study skills.  Maybe put in a little time to improve your chance at a future.  No? Didn't think so.  Instead, why not have a movie and popcorn marathon with all the best college-themed movies that were ever made?  You don't need a college arts or film degree to appreciate these classic college movies.

'Animal House'

Considered the classic college party movie Animal House recounts the exploits of the trouble making Delta Tau Chi Fraternity and delivers on both comedy and crass adult content.  This movie will definitely get you in the back-to-school party mode (if that is your thing).

'Weird Science'

For all you kids out there wanting to pursue any online computer science degrees, Weird Science is your bread and butter.  This 1985 movie centers around two very nerdy boys (okay, they're not in college, but it's still a classic) who use their brainiac minds to create the perfect woman with their computer and end up getting more than they bargain for.

'Larry Crowne'

A newer film to add to your college-movie repertoire, this 2011 Hollywood flick starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts provides both hope and inspiration with the story of a middle-aged man who finds himself unemployed, degreeless and looking to attend college in his 50s.

'The Paper Chase'

This coming-of-age story features a law school student who has an affair with his professor's daughter. The Paper Chase won an Academy Award and was nominated for two Oscars.  This is a back-to-school drama film for law degree or Business degree students and regular students alike.

'Old School'

Have you ever wanted to return to your glory days of college, but without all the classes and homework?  In this hilarious comedy, three friends who are sick of their regular lives do just that.  Dont take lead from these guys just use this movie as a comic relief when you start stressing about school.

'Legally Blonde'

Reese Witherspoon is funny and lovable in her role as Elle Woods, a bubbly blonde who decides to go to law school to win back a boyfriend who just dumped her.  Little does she realize that she has a natural knack for litigation and romance became an afterthought.  This is another great comedy for law school students who need a laugh or two.


Rudy is the inspirational story of Rudy Ruettiger, a diminutive football player with a very big heart and a work ethic that exceeds most.  This movie will inspire you to root for your college team, or will give you the inspiration to pull through during those tough study days.

'The Social Network'

The Social Network is an intriguingly dark drama based on the true story of Facebook founder and Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg.  The movie follows Mark, who creates the social networking site and we see his struggles and successes.  He is later sued by two brothers who claim he stole their idea.  He has become the youngest billionaire in history.

'The Skulls'

A fraternity run by a secret elitist society is the theme of this 2000 thriller.  Starring Paul Walker and Josh Jackson, this movie is entertaining for those interested in the darker side of powerful fraternities.

'We Are Marshall'

We Are Marshall is another inspirational sports movie that tells the true story about a tragic plane crash that wiped out an entire college football team, and shows how the rest of the team and the community rebounded from that tragedy.  Like Rudy, this movie will get you in the mood to root for your college football team, while giving you that extra boost of motivation to excel in anything you do.

'Orange County'

An underrated comedy that stars Jack Black and Colin Hanks, Orange County is about a recent high-school graduate who has dreams of going to Stanford and becoming a successful writer.  Many students have dreams of great success in college that don't quite turn out how they want them to which is why this movie is worth seeing.

'School of Rock'

Another comedy starring Jack Black, School of Rock is an extremely funny movie about an out-of-work musician who pretends to be a substitute teacher for a prep school.  This is an inspiring and comedic back-to-school flick for students of all ages.

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uuhhhhhh...where is Revenge of the Nerds?

Friday, February 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSean

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