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Wanna See 'The Wolverine Trailer? So Do We. It's Coming...In March

March, what do you mean March? Ugh, that makes me angry.

Hugh Jackman feels our pain…at least I think he does.  Why do I say this?  Well, after the, how should I put this, oh yeah, piece of shit known as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, fans were a little upset.  Maybe upset is being kind.  Anyway, Hugh let it be known that the mistakes of Origins were not going to be made again with the sequel, The Wolverine.  I have faith they will get it right.  And we can all either cringe or scream hell yeah when the trailer is released…in March.

The reason why this is being brought up is due to, in part, to some over zealous fans who felt a trailer for the film would be released with A Good Day to Die Hard (opening Thursday) but the director, James Mangold, decided to poo poo on everyone’s parade by announcing on his Twitter account that the trailer won’t be seen until March. To combat the cries of foul from fans, he had this to say:

tell me you think we're lame after you see the teaser

And this:

“From end of March till release, you'll be saturated. Relax, yuk. I've never found the coolest people are the first to arrive at a party”.

Bold statement James, but the guy does have a pretty good track record (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma, Cop Land).  I should also mention he also has Kate and Leopold, whatever.  Oh, Christopher McQuarrie is  one of the screenwriters, so that’s a big plus in the win column.

The Wolverine, in case you don’t know, will be set in Japan and focuses on Logan’s training with a samurai warrior (this is premise is based on a short series of comics by Frank Miller & Chris Claremont back in 1982)

I hope The Wolverine is good.  Jackman has really taken to the role and given it his all, thus making it the best character from the X-Men films by far.   Here’s to hoping they get it right.  Trailer in March and the movie will be released on July 26th.

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