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'Justice League' Delayed Until 2020?

From that title, you may be guessing this will be yet another doom-and-gloom report about the projected Justice League movie that Warner Bros suits are trying to use to get a piece of the Avengers pie.  The most recent news was that they had decided to scrap the script they had and were starting again from page one.  It didn't seem like they would meet their projected 2015 release date.  Now, they have other things in mind.

Right now, Warner Bros. is considering one of two options, depending on how well Man of Steel performs at the box office.  If it fails, the studio will put their focus on rebooting Batman.  If it soars, then Universal will instead focus on turning out two more films, rounding the series out to a trilogy.  You may have noticed that neither of those plans directly involves the Justice League, which has now been shuffled all the way back to 2020.

Believe it ot not, I think this is actually a good idea.  It keeps the project from getting rushed into production, and while we still don't know how Man Steel is going to turn out, this is a franchise that needs to be built from the ground up.

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