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'The Host' Gears Up To Be 'Twilight' 2.0 With Third Trailer

Movies should always be judged strictly on their own merits, which is why I won't know The Host for happening to share the same creator as the infamous vampire romance series.  It's a concept with a lot of potential, there's a reason they've remade the similar Invasion of the Body Snatcher umpteen times, and if it sucks, it sucks for reasons other then that it's meant to capitalize on the Stephanie Myer craze.  Having said that, after three trailers, it still looks like it sucks.

In trailers, filmmakers edit the good in and the bad out to the best of their abilities.  So when things like stilted dialogue and bad acting come through that strongly in the previews, you know we're in trouble.

The Host will be released in theaters on March 29th.

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