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Todd McFarlane Talks About Spawning a...'Spawn' Film Franchise

After the 80's release of The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen, the comic book industry changed from the more typical, campier tone that people were used to to the industry that, in 1992, gave us SpawnSpawn, for those uninitiated, was made for the people who thought Ghost Rider wasn't metal enough.  There was a 1997 movie about the character that most people have mercifully forgotten, but creator Todd McFarlane apparently wasn't going to take that lying down, as a reboot is now in the works.


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From the sound of it, it's all up to McFarlane to finish the script and get the ball rolling, especially if there really is an Oscar award winning actor breathing down his neck to get it done.  Judging from his descriptions and the nature of the character, Jamie Foxx seems like the most logical choice, though he certainly isn't 22. 

Spawn is the story of Al Simmons, an assassin who is killed during a mission and makes a deal with a demon.  In exchange for being able to see his wife one last time, he becomes a Hellspawn, a soldier of hell.

Spawn is set for release...whenever MacFarlane decides to finish it.

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